Russell Wilson Phone Number Leaked

Are you a true Russell Wilson fan? Have you ever dreamed of talking with him? We have some very, very good news for all Russell Wilson fans. His real phone number has been leaked and we’ve got it. So, today we’ll help you to contact him.

Who is Russell Wilson?

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NAME: Russell Carrington Wilson
BORN: 29/11/1988
HEIGHT: 1,8 m
INSTAGRAM: @RussellWilson
TWITTER: @RussellWilson
FACEBOOK: @RussellWilson

Russell Carrington Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is a professional American football player who plays quarterback and currently plays for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL).

Wilson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew up in Richmond, Virginia, the son of Harrison Benjamin Wilson III and Tammy Wilson.

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He is the middle brother of three; Harrison IV, the oldest, and Anna, the youngest.

Wilson began playing soccer with his father and brother at age four and played his first game for the Tuckahoe Tomahawks youth soccer team in sixth grade. Wilson’s father died of diabetes on June 9, 2010, at age 55.

After high school, Wilson spent three years at NC State (2007-2010) and one in Wisconsin (2011). He also received a Duke scholarship but preferred NC State.

Wilson was selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the third round (rank 75) of the 2012 draft. On May 7, 2012, he signed a four-year contract for $2.99 million.

With the Seahawks, Wilson has won 2 consecutive division titles, 2 consecutive NFC championships and has reached two consecutive Super Bowls (XLVIII and XLIX). In the first, the Seahawks beat the Broncos 43-8 and in the second, the Seahawks lost to the Patriots 24-28.

On July 31, 2015, Wilson renewed four more years of his contract with the Seahawks, worth $87.6 million.

Best ways to contact Russell Wilson

While it may be difficult to know or contact Russell Wilson because of his busy schedules and his great desire for personal privacy, however, with a little research and work, it is possible to contact him.

The best way to contact Russell Wilson is through his phone number but you can also contact him through his social networks. Below, you can check Russell Wilson contact information, which we have collected for you.

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Russell Wilson Instagram @RussellWilson

In some cases, celebrities may disable private messages, but you still don’t lose anything by trying to send him a direct message. You can comment on their posts and photos since you never know when they will respond to you.

Also, put a tag with the celebrity’s name on the photos you upload, or use the same tags that the celebrity uses.

twitter celebrityphonehacks

Russell Wilson Twitter @RussellWilson

You can use Twitter to communicate with Russell Wilson. To do this you must write a tweet in which you include the name of their account, preceded by the @ symbol. Also, use the tags that Russell Wilson uses regularly. In this way, there will be a greater chance that you will read what you publish.

facebook celebrityphonehacks

Russell Wilson Facebook @RussellWilson

You can like his page on Facebook. In many cases, celebrities disable private messages through this platform, but many times, you will be able to communicate with them anyway by posting on their wall. If it is possible to send them a private message, do so by making a friendly and polite request to contact them.

In the message, in a respectful way, talk to him about your feelings and tell him why it is important to you. If your message is personal, you may have a better chance of being contacted.

Russell Wilson Real Phone Number & WhatsApp Leaked

A celebrity’s worst fear is getting hacked. Celebrities love their privacy, but sometimes their private info is filtrated, including phone numbers. Whoops!

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